Hi, I’m Gaby!

I’m a lifelong gamer and a part-time streamer on Twitch. I focus on strategy games, specifically Magic: The Gathering. My streams are known for funny hijinks, epic plays (which are not always intentional), and excellent off-topic discussions.

Aside from streaming I’ve worked as a host for the official Grand Prix and Pro Tour coverage team for Magic: The Gathering. Behind the scenes, I’ve produced Pro Tour segments, and a variety of podcasts and Youtube shows. Formerly, I co-founded Dose, a digital media company in Chicago, and I was the Influencer Manager for ChannelFireball.com. I'm currently the Marketing Director at Good Luck Games, and enjoying it greatly!

Welcome to my personal website. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in having me stream your game, appear in a promotional campaign, or have any hosting/production inquiries!



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I stream Magic twice a week, and we venture into other genres too. Expect CCGs, RPGs, and adventure games.



Missed a stream? You can catch stream replays here, along with highlights, story time, and vlogs.


Stream announcements, schedule updates and random adventures  from my life.



Updates on events I'm attending or covering, as well as articles I've written.



Mostly just pictures of my food. Special guest appearances by Julie and Zoe, my adorable dog and chinchilla.



Want a little preview of what my stream is all about? Check out my welcome video.



Welcome To My Channel!
Welcome To My Channel!

Welcome To My Channel!

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Ral Infinite Combo - Standard Deck | MTG Arena

Ral Infinite Combo - Standard Deck | MTG Arena

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Exclusive Core Set 2021 Preview Card (sponsored)

Exclusive Core Set 2021 Preview Card (sponsored)

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Let's Play Shandalar #1 | Awesome 1997 MTG RPG

Let's Play Shandalar #1 | Awesome 1997 MTG RPG

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