The internet is my life and I absolutely love it. I’m the Co-founder and VP of Content at Spartz LLC. Spartz is an online media company headquartered in Chicago. The Spartz Network of websites which includes OMGFactsDose and MuggleNet attracts 20 million readers across a dozen websites and mobile sites. Spartz brands have over 12 million followers on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

When i'm not on my computer, you might catch me at the yoga studio. I'm a registered yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance, although I don't actively teach. I also love gaming, streaming MTGO and taking pictures of my food (I make no claims of being good at any these). 

In the words of someone more eloquent than I:

“When Gaby and the Internet met over a decade ago, it was love at first sight. Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador she spent her childhood chasing high scores in video games and even higher scores in life. This earned her a ticket to the University of Notre Dame, where she graduated with a degree in Management. Shortly after graduation, she co-founded OMGFacts and embraced her true calling.”

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